bauma Open Innovation

bauma Open Innovation

„The world is becoming too fast, complex and too networked for any company to have all the answers inside.“
Imagine you could ask the entire world for the solution to a challenge you are pondering on yourself. What do you think how numerous, unexpected and helpful these solutions would be?

This is exactly the idea that the bauma Open Innovation platform captures. As the point of origin for your challenge, we offer you a central platform on which we bring together your organization with a „solver community“. This community is an interdisciplinary and industry-overarching expert network with currently more than 400,000 members from all over the world. Additionally, you get to access the Messe München network including its world leading fairs such as IFAT, electronica, BAU, ISPO and many more.

The community addresses your challenge and quickly elaborates solutions – often times completely unexpected ones and therefore even more valuable. The process of such an Open Innovation project is simple:

  • Origin is your question or challenge, which you would like to receive a solution for
  • Based on this question we construct a project, that we post on the bauma Open Innovation platform
  • The community elaborates a solution and delivers it to you
  • Having clarified all IP legal questions upfront, you get to utilize the solution right away
  • You award the most helpful solutions with a prize

One important factor: Only you get to access submitted solutions – no competitor or other community member can see them. And: We ensure that all legal questions are cleared before you receive solution proposals. That way you can rely on being able to work with the solutions right away. If you wish, the project can run completely anonymously, without the ability to draw conclusions about your organization.


There are various advantages of Open Innovation for your organization

  • The solver community is available and addressable instantly thus allowing project results to be delivered quickly
  • Gaining access to industry and functionally overarching expert knowledge lets you receive innovative and unexpected solutions
  • The amount of potential solvers bears a high probability that no possible solution is overlooked
  • You define the parameters regarding intellectual property which potential solvers have to accept before project participation; this allows you to utilize results right after project completion
  • Project costs are calculable and capped


Did we spark your interest?
Contact our Open Innovation Project Manager:

  • Vincent Aydin
  • bauma Open Innovation Project Manager
  • Tel.: +49 89 949-20537
  • Address: Messegelände
  • 81823 Munich

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